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03mxzx700 Suspension

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I would like to make some changes on my rear suspension. It seems to soft for me, I weigh about 220. My springs seem to weak, w/o me on the sled it sits in the middle of my coupling blocks and when I get on it they bottom out. I was wondering if I can make another turn on those springs. Pull them out of the holders and spin them another round. Will adjusting my limiter strap shorter help this? Also what adjustment could I do to put more traction on the ground, my strap is as long as it goes.
Thanks Joe
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The limiter strap won't do anything for botoming out because of your weight. It is more for your ski pressure. The longer the strap the more your skis will lift on accelleration. Sounds like you will have to change your rear springs. I heard alot of guys putting the 440 race springs in to stiffen up the suspention. I would go to a dealer & see if they list a bigger spring 1st. I would change your springs 1st then play around with your limiter strap untill you find settup you like. :D
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