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What Size Belt

Since I was 12 I saved all my money from mowing, raking, shoveling and unfortunately a lot of McDonalds and at 15 I bought myself an 05 ski doo 800 Mod sled that was done up by "Black Widow Racing."

My poor single mother had no idea what I was buying and neither did I at the time.

Due to my location and that it was way too much sled for me I hardly rode just started revved and looked at with a couple short rides a season.

Seven years later I am finally on the trailers with new stater, reeds, new ecm with trail tune and a few other maintenance things.

I feel like a rookie asking, but what size drive belt do I need?

On a stock 800 Ski-Doo Mxz the Ultimax belt size is XS803

My old belt is very ratty and got quite torn up so they are hard to compare. No marking or writing on the belt either.

I have a team clutch from venom on the sled.

I have a 440 chassis with an 800 put in that has had many mods so I find it hard to believe that I have the correct belt.

As well any tips, tricks or advice would be much appreciated as I have no idea what I'm doing and am now located in the Duluth area!
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