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Hi all, I am new to this forum. Been mainly on HCS. I am looking to tune my fuse for 1/4 mile drags and also cross country. Would the heel clicker 2's be a good way to go? Am not very good with clutch setups so don't really now how to properly tune them.

My setup is stock right now and maxing rpm is 7700-7800 rpm and forgot what engagement is. Will note it next ride. Anyone have any good luck with the HC2's as I heard they were crap. I ride on compact snow as there is no powder or hills here up north to ride in. do they really go through clutches?

Also I weigh 190 lbs and no mods to machine except for the timbersled airkit and mbrp can. Does the HC2's really pull hard throughout the bottom to top end and how is the backshift?
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