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06 Switchback

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Hey, well its coming around that time when sleds are dropping in price, and i was looking at the 06 600 H.O. Switchback. Anyone on here have one. (what a stupid question of course someone has 1)haha and what do you guys like about them, what would make them better/ worse then lets say another newer model.
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I am also interested in a SWITCHBACK. I've heard some great thing's about them so far.
I'm interested if the SWITCHBACK has the option of adding an additional seat to make it into a two-up, similar to the..............I don't want to say it. Let's just say their sleds are silly yellow. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA !!!!
Someone on here has to own one. Im hoping for some feedback on this sled... im really serious about the purchase of this sled. It looks amazing
dono about the 600 but I just put 500 miles on my new 06 FST Switchback running the North Shore trail.
Stayed afloat pretty good in the fresh 20" snow with a week old 23" under that. I had to work the steering pretty hard and got stuck turning around in to tight of an area but with a little digging
out I was able to get back on top moving again.

Handling on the groomed trails was nice and managed to hit a top speed of 92 MPH on a nice straight section.

It was a little rought on me (53 years old) on the trails that needed to be groomed. I got passed by some youngster on a 1100cat in a rough section.

It seems to go through the gas pretty fast. after about 40 miles the gage starts to blink F and after 35 more miles the gage starts to blink E and starts traking milage I went another 10 miles to the parking area at Lester Park and never did run out.

Gonna bring it in for its first service check today and aske about some TSBs
Good luck with your new sled but hurry up the temp is supose to hit the mid fortys this week end
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your in luck i happen to own that exact i like it ive had a few recalls but other than that it jumps very well ditchbang.....whatever that thing is awesome and there extremely fast ive had it at 105 mph and im sure it could do more if it wasnt to windy but yeah im not sure what you want to know ...where do you live???if your close or if you visit gaylord area you are mor than welcome to come over and give it a test ride on my propety we also own a 2006 switchback 900 that thing scares me its got balls its stock at 153 hp and hes had it well over 100mph but with 16.5 inches of suspension they land very there awsome for hillclimb....anywho write me if you like.


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I've put 1500 miles on mine since feb 1, Love it. My biggest worry was whether or not it would push in the corners, no problem there. It floats awsome in the powder, climbs like a champ. Top speed probably has something to do with wieght, I can't go over 95, but its not about that for me anyway, I like the back trails. I've been getting about 13-14 mpg if that matters to you.
Also if you were thinkinfg of going with the 07 cfi, Ifollowed one for a while this weekend and he said he was only getting 11-12 mpg, I've heard this several places. So don't spend more thinking of milage.

:D I've got an 06 600HO Switchback, and it is without a doubt the best sled I've ever owned. Unfortunatly, we didn't get much snow this winter, so I couldn't really try it out in deep snow, but the little bit of riding I got in was awesome.

It's got decent top end (for me anyway) of about 95 mph, with still more throttle left. The ride is smooth enough, although some say the uncoupled suspension is too rough (not me). I don't have agood read on the gas milage yet, but so far it seems less than I was hoping for. The gas gauge is merely the sled's opinion of how much gas is on board and can't really be trusted.

I love this sled and hope we get better snow next winter so I can really try it out in deep snow.

Can't go wrong with a Switchback in my opinion.


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