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10,000 Mile Clubs Newest Member

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heres my 93 indy trail 488 fc its the newest member of the 10k mile club! still looks ok! still will run 82 on the speedo. motor totally stock, never opened up. lets see the pics of the 10,000 mile club sleds! and any ideas on how to get it to go a little faster appreicated! thx

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thats great!!! my wife has the identical sled its at 8400 xlt is just under 9000 don't think i will break 10k this is possible so far this year i've got 1904 in should break 2000 later today,which i think thats pretty good considering our trails have only been open for a month :thumbsup:
Congrats on the milestone. I'd bet that your rings are probably still within spec - mine were just a couple thousandths fat on the end gap at 13,000 on my '97 488 RMK. I am actually looking forward to looking inside that engine for a second time. It is still original except for rings with close to 21,000. They were good engines.
at the end of the season im gonna play with it a little. downgear it slighly and a hotter clutch. hoping to gain a little bottom end and not loose too much top. this is the origional track, and the studs were put in the first season! these studs have close to 9500 miles on them! only one stud tore out so i cut it out to prevent furter tearing. so ill put on a good track and 96 studs. thinking mabey a 1.25 track and 1 3/8 stud? will also do a compression test to see where im at? but so far it runs strong. i traded a 95 tauras with 165000 miles, for this sled and a case of beer. i think i got a good deal!
I think I've only got 6000-7000 on the studs in my track - it's original with no miles owed. I'm at the point now where, with that track, I don't try to go 70 anymore. I have a new studded track with 24 points just like the original has; just haven't gotten around to putting it on. I had planned to get into the engine last summer but it didn't happen. I better get it done. I imagine I'm due for a new crank unless the old one can be rebuilt. I've been replacing stuff periodically so it still works well if not for free. Still, I can't complain. I put the third new- well, hardly used- clutch on it at just over 20M, I'm still on the second set of skegs; the lighting coil quit last spring - totally toast as in melted, fried; I've replaced the seat cover once, on J-hitch #2 after the first one wore until it started becoming an L. The muffler is finally wearing through around the socket where it joins the manifold - that may be the biggest surprise of all; only changed the drive and jack shaft bearings once - only sunk the machine in the ocean once too! I love this old machine.

I remember rolling ten grand on my 488 down on the mouth of the Yukon River. 20 grand happened along the shore of the Bering Sea. I've heard of some really big miles but don't expect mine will see it with our rough conditions.

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i ride with the previous owners of this sled. they did nothing to it! never changed the chaincase oil even! im doing that as soon as the season is over. added a lilttle chincase oil this weekend, was slightly low. pulled dipstick and it was covered in metal shavings. kept pulling dip stick and wiping it off till almost no shavings were left on stick. the belt is 3 years old (have 2 spares). i put plugs in it this year, last owner rode it 2 seasons on the plugs that were in it when he bought it. 2 owners ago new front shocks were put on. i put on 2 new trailng arms this year they rusted out and broke first ride of the year. fixed small fuel leak in line from shut off valve to pump also. the rear suspension is really beating me up! trying to keep up with a new 900 fusion and a new fst classic on the trails is not easy with this low rider rear suspension! want an extra12 or edge to swap, but its probably not woth sinking that kinda money in this sled. sure runs good though! any body make a big bore kit for a 488 fc????
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Chaincase shavings: yep, it always seems like there are shavings on these low HP rigs with their sintered sprockets. I prefer the machined billet sprockets and buy those when I'm regearing. However, I think it was around 9000 when I changed out sprockets and chain on my RMK - I was losing teeth on the top. Metal particles in the case are one reason I remove the cover each year for cleaning and inspection.

I have had to reshock my rig a few times. I think the skis are on their third or fourth pair. My Xtra-10 rear shock, an Indy Select, is also a third or fourth player. Those old low riders always seemed to handle bumps decently with a good rear shock. The idea of longer travel as a way to soften the bumps is somewhat misleading. The movement still needs to be managed and the right shock can help a lot. I had a nice Fox gas shock on my first 80's Indy Trail and that made a lot of difference.

I'm not sure what you're thinking in terms of big bore but Polaris does have 10 and 20 over pistons and rings for the 488s if you choose to rebore.
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ill have to try the better shock idea. cause my back it getting a real workout. i was thinking of a regear, mine is 19/39 now or so im told, what would you recommend?
21/39 or 20/40. if i down gear just a little and get a good clutch i hoping i wont lose too much top end. the secondary clutch has never been apart to be cleaned either. i cant believe it even moves? im still on the origional skis but ski skins have been replaced a few times and i put new ez steer carbides this year. thx for the advise!
Nice to hear about the high milers, remember my 96 Grand Touring but didn't have as many as you guys. Congrats!
who would have a stock exhaust system for sale?? looked on ebay no luck there. has small exhaust leak now, mabey ill just weld it up?
Well, I'm sort of bringing this post back from the dead.

My '91 Indy 500 Classic has a touch over 10,000 miles on her, all original engine too. New clutch around 3 or 4 seasons ago. Currently the sled is sitting in pieces in my garage, awaiting a re-build. New crank is on the way after sled sat in the backyard of my parents property for 2 full years. Honed down the cylinders, top end is still good. Pistons are still looking good, but will put new rings in. Might play with the clutches. As far as suspension goes, I'm in the process of putting used but rebuilt Fox Shox up front and rear.

Sled was free, but after everything is said and done, I expect about $1000 for the crank, and all of the little stuff that will add up.
Fox shocks are a world of difference over the stocky's. I just put them up front on my 90' Indy 500. Rides a lot better now. Need to figure out the ride in the rear now.I think im only pushin about 5k miles on her though. I also thought about the Xtra swap on the old indy, but am not sure if i want to sink in the time/money
Fox shocks are a world of difference over the stocky's. I just put them up front on my 90' Indy 500. Rides a lot better now. Need to figure out the ride in the rear now.I think im only pushin about 5k miles on her though. I also thought about the Xtra swap on the old indy, but am not sure if i want to sink in the time/money[/b]
A good buddy of mine that I went to college with suggested getting new rails for the rear skid, and get a 136" track for the long track set-up. I don't really have the cash to sink into the rebuild this year. I figure around a grand Canadian and I'll be doing alright, with the new crank, sandblasted parts, shock rebuild, updated chain case w/ caliper, and all of the odds and ends.

I know that once I get the shocks back, the sled will ride a lot better, since the rear suspension was always crap, and I don't think the shocks have ever been replaced.
my 2000 xc 600 had just over 10000 miles on it in 2003 when I wrecked it. I'm still bummed out it, it was an awesome sled. My 06 fst is at 6500 so far. Depending on the quality this winter brings will depend on if I hit 10K on it this year.
well the 93 trail 488 went through a slight change the last few weeks. used extra 12 suspension with fox shocks, camoplast 1 in track, 134 1.4 in studs(custom pattern), usi skis, plastic belly skid plate, clean and change chaincase and oil, new upgraded brakes, welded up the exhaust leak, new exhaust hold down springs, new carb to air box boots, clean and adjust carbs, removed all decals, painted the exhaust, hood, nose cone, bumpers, and all trim pieces, added second extra belt holder, added extra oil caddy, 6 fresh plugs, 2 fresh belts, and one slightly used one. it will hold 2 spare belts and 2 spare quarts of oil.
at the end of last season i was riding a friends extra sled alot. it was a 96 ultra with a htg 800 kit, about 175 hp. well i blew it up pretty bad. he decided to not fix the ultra. so i got his suspension, skis, track, studs, belly skid, hyfax, and a bunch other parts free. the suspension was waysted! broke torque arm, almost every bogie bearing was siezed, the shock bushings were gone, hyfax gone, a couple axle shafts gone. between his spare parts and the good parts left on the old suspension, we got it all fixed. its almost done now. still finishing paint work, and reassembly. so far it cost me 10.22 out the door for the carb boots. and i bought 2 cases of labatts. i figure i got less than 50 bucks in the sled so far. gonna do the clutches and ill be ready for the season. starts first pull everytime. its now black with purple skis and belly skid.
ill post some pics when its all done. see ya on the trail
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Congrats! I joined the 10,000 mile club last winter too. My sled is a 2003 Polaris 600 VES, mileage is somewhere around 10,800 right now, it has never been opened up either. I am very hapy with this sled/motor. I'm hoping to upgrade to a 4 stroke next year though, Switchback turbo or Yamaha Vector LTX, hard decision to make.

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i have ridden the 06 fst classic alot. its real nice! super quiet, pretty fast, great ride. 4 stroke is the way to go if you can afford it. the turbo spools a little slow, but not bad. from a 30 or 40 roll its fast! you could light a cigarette off the turbo when really hammering.
it glows at night. right foot will get a little warm from engine heat is the only complaint i had about it. if money was no object id lean toward the yammi though.

3rd coat of paint goes on the trail tonight, lookin good!
well its nearly done! i got the front bumper covers from the dealer tonight and put them on. thats it. exhaust still needs to go back on, its gettin re welded for the second time to seal up leaks.running good, sounds good, even looks pretty good! ill get some pics up soon. i have a total of 10.22$ in air box boots, and 14.95$ on two bumper covers. for a total of about 25.17$ and about 4 cases of beer. a steal at twice the price.
see ya on the trail
here is a few pics of my trail

the sleds i ride with

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wow this is a totally different sled! it rides so much better! lost about 2 or 3 mph top speed cause of the taller lug track and too many studs, but it was worth it. the extra 12 is so much nicer than the garbage under there b4. its so funny the little 488 pulls the skis up all the time now. jumps great, works real well in the deep powder too.
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