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I have several Rupp parts that I'm probably never going to use, that are wasting a lot of space in my garage.

I have a set of skis for a 1976 Nitro. Skis only, they need to be sandblasted, one is missing a wear bar. $15?

I have a set of assembled skis off a 197(?) Sport. Don't remember the year of the sled. These are the spindles, leaf springs, skis, and wearbars. $25? I could dissassemble them if you only need part of them too. I just don't want more loose parts floating around the garage.

All these skis seem somewhat universal. The Nitro and the Sport skis are completely interchangable. The Sport doesn't use shocks, but the holes to mount them are still there.

I have an engine too. It's off the Rupp Sport. It's a 340 fan cooled, with a single mikuni carburetor (with complete remote choke assembly), and CDI. Looking for $150 or best offer. I've never used the engine, but I dripped some oil in and sprayed some starter fluid in it last fall, and it ran for a few seconds.

I have a hood with windshield and headly assembly for the Rupp Sport. Windshield is in decent condition, needs to be buffed outt. Fiberglass is in decent condition, needs a few small repairs. I didn't want to waste the junkyard's time with it when i junked the rest of the sled, and I'm just going to end up throwing it away. $15?

I have no other parts for the Sport. I junked most of the sled (it was VERY junkworthy. Don't complain!) It's most likely not at the junkyard anymore either.

I'm in Watervliet, MI, 49098. Will ship anything but the hood. I can crate the engine and UPS it, and it weighs about 100lb Everything else should be easy to ship...
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