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2- TX 440 machines + an extra 340cc engine.

1 was my wifes uncles and he hit a stump with it about 9 years ago so he parked it in his garage and it has been sitting there ever since. Real nice seat and tool box but the belly pan hood are damaged. I haven't tried firing it up but there is no reason it won't run just as fine as it did back then.

The other one was being dismantled to build a go-cart so the motor is pulled but all is there. That machine has been sitting outside so it is not as nice but the hood and belly pan could be used on the other one.

I can look at them closer and give more details if you let me know what it is you are concerned with on them.

I'm open to offers and will take Arctic Cats and Cat parts in Trade.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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