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1978 Pnather 5000 Blown Headgasket

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Hi last night i just put a new piston in the engine and put all new gaskets and everything the whole engine... and when i pulled it over for the first time it backfired and blew a chunk of the head gasket out. I dont know how that happened... it may have been from the wrong torque? I'm hoping thats what it is but if anyone knows any reasons what could have caused it let me know.

And if anyone could tell me the exact torque range for the heads.. i'm guessing around 20-25lbs.. but i would appriciate the exact numbers. Thanks
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well i might have found the problem.. one of the head bolts must have loosened up a bit when i took off the heads the first time and one was poping up a bit by where the head gasket blew out so i think that might have caused it.. so i screwed that back in now i'll just have to wait until tommorrow to get the new gaskets... but i would still like to know the exact torque specs though because i'm out of money for snowmobile stuff this year... :(( snows melting!!!
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