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I've got a 1983 Polaris 440 Sport - got it running yesterday - it had a bad CDI module on it and now that it runs I'm wondering about a couple things... First - there are 2 wires that are laying by the connector near the gauges - they're purple and purple/white striped. Anyone know where they go or what they're for?? (OR does anyone have a wiring diagram?)

Next - how can I ensure the oil injection pump is working properly? Is there a way to test it with it on the engine? Is there an adjustment that I can do?

The little bit of fuel that was in the tank when I got it was pre-mix so I'm wondering what's up? The guy that owned it before me told me he bought it and played around with it in the summer, got it running, then it was intermittantly starting, then it finally died alltogether. He had another old sled that took premix so I'm wondering if he just threw premix in it not knowing, or being safe or???
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