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1986 Yamaha 540 SRV - no spark

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Hey guys, not getting any spark on my 85-86 SRV 540 fan cooled. I changed the stator last year and it was running great, but on the way home from a pretty brutal sled ride the sled just suddenly quit. Due to driver error, it had ingested a far amount of snow... I read some manuals and did some troubleshooting and it seems the wires I have are different colours from the ones listed in the manual. There's a yellow, black, brown, and white with pink stripe coming out of the stator. I tested black w/ brown - 0 ohms.. Black with white - 15 ohms...
What other troubleshooting can I do to narrow down the problems? Or I have a pretty much already confirmed I need a stator AGAIN.... Any help is VERY appreciated!
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