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i'm having a problem with my secondary clutch on my 1988 exciter.  last winter my snap ring on the secondary clutch blew out and it drove the helix into the bairing.. so everything has been replaced, new helix, bairing, washers, etc.. i have a book for the sled, the stock setting for the secondary sleave is A on the secondary sleave and 2 on the helix... the book tells you to compress just before it will grap... then turn the sleave counter-clock wise 50 degrees.. push the helix down and put the snap ring on.   okay, when i get out on the trail, i open her up and i get to about 60- 65 mph pulling about 5800 rpms... and it won't go anywhere???  it seems like the secondary is shifting way to early, therefore putting to much of a load on the engine...   the primary clutch has been totally rebuilt, carberators have been rebuilt, new pistons and rings, and new crank case seals... so i know it has to been something with the clutching.  The primary and secondary sleeves have been align and are at the correct distance...
Would anyone have any ideas on what i should try?
 Is the secondary sleave being preloaded wrong?

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