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1989 Exciter 570

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I'm confused. My yammy's sick! I've cleaned my carbs twice,checked float height, inspected the fuel pump and it was fine, adjusted the needle from rich to lean many times, changed spark plugs twice, but my sled won't climb over 50mph!? I'm about to pull my hair out with this thing. Earlier this season it would sputter and bogg like this but only for a minute and then run great again for a week. Now it finally decided to do it all the time. Is my needle valve bad? Need new needle? Or do I turn out the air mixture screw from 5/8 to 3/4 and try it? There has to be somebody that experienced something like this before with these old girls! I appreciate any expertese guys. THANKS!
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hello, I had the same problem with my phazer it turned out that the clutches were the culprit.
If you havn't done it already I would clean your clutches and inspect for any wear and replace parts as necessary.
i had a bog in my phazer for awhile this year and a little turn out on the airscrew on 1 carb did the trick
i also had a cracked up choke cable that would get moisture and somtimes freeze up.. somtimes stuck on all the way somtimes just a little bit
ive heard of exciters that had bad perfomance like yers that turned out being chokes that werent adjusted
I think it is the right side choke. I just put the carbs back on after I turned out the air screw to 3/4 turn rather than 5/8 stock setting. I was still sputtering when i punched the gas. I did notice when i flipped the choke on that it bogged even more as i normally would, but when i flip it back up i goes a little faster by only 15mph or so. I checked my plugs and the right plug was a little wet as the left side was tan. Do i just lube up the choke plunger with something to unstick it or adjust the choke cables?
I had clutch and carb problems when I got my Exciter as it had sat for some time. I also cleaned my carbs like you and it didn't fix it. Went through primary clutch cleaned everything and off the line bogging went away. Still ran really rich on one cylinder, plug always black gummed up and fouling. Someone on this forum mentioned choke cables like Big Santa has and that was the culprit. I forced lube down the cables and adjusted them and it did the trick. Undo the cables from their guides/harnesses and work the choke watching how each cable reacts. You should be able to see what cable and where it is bound up, or if it is the plunger. Of course replacing them is the best thing but go ahead and try tinkering with them first it may work. Hope you fix your problem.
Well, I disconnected the choke plungers and rode the sled. It still sputters after 3/4 throttle. I was 9 miles out on Lake Huron walleye fishing yesterday and it all of a sudden ran fine. When I let it idle for a few minutes and then took off it started acting up again. Anyone think it could be electrical?
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