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1990 indy 500 vs  1990 ski-doo formula mx 470

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Who will win, 1990 Indy 500 VS  1990 Ski-Doo Formula MX 470?  Formula MX is stock.  Or inleast I think!!  Indy 500 has a piece of junk clutch kit.  WHo would win between the Indy 500 and a 1992 Phazer 500?   I will tell the results tomorrow after they race!!          
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The Doo silver bullet will take both of them no problem. Not even a contest!
I'm a doo guy but i'm gonna have to give it to the indy 500.(providing it's running right)
Turtle vs: Snail, Hmmmmm?  I would have to say the indy for sure in both races. guys haven't seen this particular indy...
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I'll say the 92 Phazer jetted right and a cold night ,
Personally I have ran this race, my wifes sled '91 formula mx 3,600 miles fresh engine 20 over wiseco forged pistons, orignal clutches, and a track ratcheting problem. My freinds '91 indy 5,500 miles fresh engine 20 over lemans forged pistons, both clutches rebuilt primary w/gold spring, all new suspension and short windshield. Time and time again the doo wins with the track ratcheting all the way. We have never done it but i think the polaris would win top speed.
Well today my indy 500 and the ski-doo raced.  I won the ski-doo no problem.  But I think me and the phazer are gonna go at it tomorrow.  Mud Weiser, I have a gold spring in my indy, what size weights did you have in?  What rpm did it rev out at?  Mine is 7200.  It used to be 8500 but we put heavier weights in.
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  my indy is in very good shape, it runs excellent, it is a one of a kind Genuine Polaris Indy 500.  
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Must say I am surprised....I never thought that indy would have a chance. Will wonders never cease?
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If you  really want to smoke them even worse i would suggest that you by a polaris light blue spring for the primary clutch install it with a set of 49.5 or 50 gram weights and install a EPI yello secondary spring with a 42/36  helix with a new polaris belt also use a 19/39 gear setting and if possible try a 20/39  if she wind out to fast in 660 if she can pull it to make rpms which is 7800 plus 200 or  200 less and if she can't pull it put a 40/36 in her gut the air box jet up one size and make sure you have good hook up i way 175 pounds and just have fun with them i raced a 2000 ZL 500 and i can take it  not by much but if i can get him of the line i got him in 660 the same with those formula 500 skidoos 470 vmax 500 exciters570 and a few mxz 440 no problem so try this and if you can spare it by a aaen single pipe i also bet xlt's and a vmax 600 with twin pipes in 660 hard to belive but i did well hope this helps you.
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I wonder if this guy is an active member?

I'm going to place my bet on the phazer, I've taken a few indy 500s with mine, just on a short track though.
I'ill bet that tiny Phazer will take the Indy.
you guys who think those sleds can take the little indy must have short memories or just did'nt know? when the 488cc fuji came out in 89, every one was taken by surprise because of its owsome performance and every manufacturer has been trying to match it's performance. 91 to 95 mph top speed. the sd's have a better hole shot but the indy is faster, period. I own a 99 rmk and put a 2'' track on it and tuned it for better fuel mileage and a slite hp gain. it has 34mm carbs and it has such an incredible hole shot and mid range pull, I almost beat a 98 mxz440 to 500 feet. the newer 488 fuji with 38mm flat slid carbs and stronger crank with larger bearings is just plane awsome. it will be faster than mine because it's lighter and has even more power than mine. ps, you don't need to go crazy with all kinds of mods to make it faster. just get yourself a clutch kit from EPI performance and you wont believe the boost in performance.
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well as long as both sleds are running right and  neither have and advantage i would say that the indy   SHOULD win but the yamy has a chance a good one i rode a 93 and man it has some balls
My phazer will run mid 90's (GPS) on hardpack and from 20-70 you need a neck brace.....of coarse, my sled does have some slight modifications.

I'm not familiar with that particular year of indy 500 but I know that the race will be tight if the phazer is in top shape.
how did this old post get dug up, its from march month.
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what kind of race is 500-660 feet on snow?!

As much as the hookup on snow varies i dont think that short of a race proves anything.

i'd have to put the money on the indy 500 since it's liquid cooled and has much more of an advantage in mid to top-end speed

i have raced many phazers with my 97 ZL 440(RIP) and some have come close up to about 65-75 mph but after that byebye and when i went up against indy 500's it was close til about 50 but thats it
If both sleds were bone stock I would have to say the Indy. But if you were to run in cold temp on hardpack or ice with studs on both I would then choose the Phazer which is alot lighter sled and with the cold temp would give up little performance.
 Hey Extrem snowmobier i have been a member for 3 years and i will tell you that a good working Indy 500 jetted and clutched will walk all over a PAZHER even if it's on a cold day and if it has work done and give me your email address and i'll send you pictures of me betteing phazers a vmax 600 with twin pipes a mxz 470 and a zl 550 and if i lived close to Monroe Michigon i'd drive to were ever you race at line up my little Indy 500 against your phazer and run you the #### over in 660 Steven Hohman.
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