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1992 safari lce

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Less than 2500 miles, rebuilt motor going in at the end of next week. It is a 463 Rotax liquid cooled. The sled has spend 7 of it's ten years on this planet in storage. I need to get rid of it (need $, have 2002 Super Sport to ride from the shop).
EXCELLENT condition, unfortunatly that much sitting caused gaskets to dry rot and the motor to melt down from sucking air. New pistons, rings, honed cylinders, new bearings, new rotary valve, new lots of stuff.

KBB lists it for $1740 retail, I just put over $300 in parts in it, and if I had a shop do the work (I work at a shop) the bill would have been $$$$. Very good shape, only thing wrong is it still has original shocks, which should be changed (haven't ridden it in 4 years, but I am sure they are bad).

I am thinking of asking $1200 obo, and going for anything over $1000 if offered. Does this sound fair to you guys? The sled is in really good shape. I only put about 300 miles on it, the rest are from my grandpa, who stopped riding in 94. Ya think I can get it?!
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By the way, that is LCE, looks like ice cause I wrote it in lowercase....
adam,I had a 86 Safari 377.The sled was cool.I learned how to ride on that machine.I sold it for 600 bucks back in 2000.Sled was mint with about 2000 miles.I would say your bottom dollar should be 1200,and ask 1350 for it.Depends on how fast you want to sell it.GOOD LUCK
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