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I bought my g/f a 1993 Arctic Cat 580 EXT Z.
When you accelerate it dosnt seem to have any torque at all.
Some times you hit the throttle and it seems to bog.
But when it does go  you hit the throttle and it goes right up to 7000 rpm and stays there and just cruises away.
Is this normal ? as you can see by my handle I ride a Mach Z .
I have had hers in for service and they chaged the belt now its doing it again.
Any help appreciated

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My buddy bought one this season. The clutch weights in his are shot and we did have some problems getting the thing to go initially. That sled as a general rule really wont start to get going till about 25. My buddies has been all tuned up after the first day of crappy riding. We cleaned the carbs put dry gas in then gave it a whirl. The bogging down stopped but it does'nt have the take off that a mach z or ZR would have. We raced a ZL 500 against it and the 500 took it easily. Its a nice sled overall though. We have had a good time with it. Def ahead of its time when you compare it to other 93' sleds. Good luck and if theres anything I can tell you drop me a line.
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