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Hey Guys,

I have been looking for sled for my girlfriend for the last little while and I found what I believe is a really good machine for her.

Its a 94 VMAX 600 LE w/Electric Start and Reverse.

She really liked the looks of the VMAX so that's what we went with.

Is there anything about this machine that I should know?

Give me the good, the bad and the ugly.

I got a really good deal on the sled from a buddy but it needs a new track and a rear shock for the front of this skid.

It's got 9200km on it but I only paid $1500 Canadian for it.

This is a riding buddy of mine and I know the machine has been very reliable for him.

Will a 1.25 lug track fit this machine?

Thanks for the help


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We have a 1994 Vmax 600LE, it has been updated to a 136" x 1.5" track. So a 1.25" should fit no problem. We lowered the front suspension mount about 1/4 to 3/8 inch, and installed drop brackets in the rear.
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