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Hey guys, just bought a brand new! 1995 700 Triple... with a few issues. Bought it for $300, motor seems fine but from what they seller told me it sounds like something broke while he was ripping on it while stuck. It's definitely been ripped up a bit, not sure what's going on with the seat and rear rack but all that will be fixed...

Initially thought it was something in the chain case but all that seems fine(ish)... Leaning towards the clutch but when I checked all the standard things even the clutch seems fine.

Tracks spins when lifted. All gears in the chain case look fine... digging in a little more so I thought I would check out a few forums. Let me know if there's anything obvious I'm missing. Next step seems like to pull the clutch off and take a closer look. Attached a picture of a gear that's a little torn up but not much, looks like from engaging reverse...

Anything helps.

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