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hi this is a 1996 bombardier Formula 3 with no motor(triple 600) there is no engine, no clutches, no pipe.
the seat is cracked everywhere, the hood have a 2 inch crack on the left side, no mirrors and the windshield is cracked a little(3 inch), and one of the two straps in the suspension is missing a chain is replacing it, shocks springs dont have color on it anymore rust took place but not enough to do harm

BUT track is almost new 1 inch deep. and all wheels are ok except for one have a little loose in it.
the 3 carbs are still there, air intake, oil and prestone tank,

one carbide is twisted at the end.

tunnel IS LIKE NEW , radiators at first glance are top shape

i want 600$ for the whole sled you come get it and want paid cash at that moment.

or could sell for parts but only serious offers please

pm me if interested!
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