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Good afternoon,

I just got back from NY on a trip with friends. They all have newer sleds 2013-2015. I am riding a 1996 Wildcat 700 EFI I bought 15 years ago with 1,500 miles. I now have 4,200 miles on my sled (2-19-2021). The sled is stock. I have only had to replace a thermostat and a couple of bogey wheels over the years.

I have no problem keeping up with the others on the trail and or across the fields as the Wildcat has plenty of power for me. However, when we run across the "whip-de-do's" on the trail it takes its toll on my back. A couple of 800 mg Ibuprofren's and a beer was what help me get back to the trailer.

I know the new sleds have way more technology and better components then my 25 year old Cat.

I understand that the sled is not worth much to sell it. What can I do to upgrade my suspension to produce a more comfortable ride beyond OEM stock parts? Of course I am not looking to dump a ton of money into it as I might out spend what the sled is worth. Generally speaking, at what point does a stock suspension wear out?

Thanx in advance for any information to help out this old man!

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