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Hi all,

Just a few quick questions surrounding my 1998 Mach Z. It was recently in the shop for a new stator and maintenance. I had the shop clean carbs, rave valves, oil, etc.

The sled runs fine, but when I start it each morning, the idle slowly goes to 4000 rpm. I have to give a little choke to bring it back down to 2500, but then it slowly goes all the way back up. I basically have to sit there and adjust the idle as everyone else can start there sleds and go and warm up!

I have heard that an air leak could cause this, but don't really think it's the case. If I ride the sled for awhile, and then come to a stop, it idles normally.

Also, the sled smokes a TON. So bad, that even going 100km/h down a lake, I can smell the fumes quite a bit. The oil consumption is normal, and the gas also is normal. I'm not a mechanic, but is there something I can visibly check to see what the problem is?

Other than the 2 items mentioned (high idle and logs of smoke), the sled runs fine.

Thanks for all comments
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