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2 Different Pumps On 88 Exciter

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I Just bought a 1988 exciter last week and the guy said it needed a oil pump and he was putting pre mix into it. I was able to find a used pump that I was told worked and installed it. Pulled the plugs and pulled the engine over for bout 15 min no sign of oil. Thought mabey a bad pump so the seller sent me another and the same thing. :confused: I was hoping someone here could tell me what I need to do to get oil to pump. I also removed the screw from the front of the pump thinking it is a bleeder but still dry. I verified the oil filter and lines pass air through them by blowing on them no signs of any restrictions. :bash:

I have put bout 3 gals of pre mix in to keep it lubed until I can get this oil pump issue resolved.
Now I just need some snow
Any help would be appreciated.

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can you siphon the oil right up to the pump as you would gas?? I guess it is possible to get a few bad parts,,, it does happen. But make sure you keep premixing until you know for a fact that youve got the pump going,,,, as for the snow, I am working on that for myself right now,,, doesnt seem to be coming along very well.
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