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Listing for a friend, rode with him and have put a few miles on this sled so I can vouch that ist is in good condition and runs strong.

2000 Summit 600. Motor is stock with just over 6,000 miles. Changed chain case gears and clutch weights so the machine works properly at sea level. Still have the weights and gear to convert it back to mountain use (will include parts). Hand guards, J-hooks, and 2" riser block added to handlebars. Includes cover and tank storage bag, and towing hitch (mounted to the tunnel). This is a great sled with a 136x1.75x15 track, it rides the trails pretty well and performs excellent in the powder and 2 tracks.

pictures of the motor, track, and speedo with the mileage to come

NADA value
Average $3600
Low $2740

williing to take below low retails as it is March, send me a PM and I will get back to you.


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looks like a replacement for budda's sled since he likes that chassis :D
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