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2001 Formula/Grand Touring 500 - Throttle Lever

Skidoo 2001 Formula* Deluxe 500 (standard package) and Grand Touring* 500 (standard package)

Bombardier has announced a safety recall of some 2001 Formula Deluxe 500 and Grand Touring 500 (standard packages).


The throttle lever may fail to return from its first stage operation. If this occurs, it could lead to loss of speed control and possible collision with bystanders, a fixed object or another vehicle.


Dealers will make sure that the throttle lever returns freely in its first stage slot and that the same slot features the needed gap between the Allen screw shoulder and the inner slot wall. If there is no resistance in the return movement and if there is a gap, then no further action will be taken.

If even a slight resistance is noticed or felt and/or if gap cannot be seen, dealer will proceed with corrective action by enlarging the upper first stage throttle lever slot.

Skidoo recommends contacting your dealer immediately to see if your model and serial number is affected by this recall. Skidoo dealers will perform this service at no cost to you.
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