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2002 Indy Trail Touring Problems

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2 problems with my 2002 Indy Trail Touring-
1/ the adjustable backrest is twisting one side more than the other whe I adjust it up/down; it seems to be twisting unevenly as I turn the knurled knobs-any ideas on how to disassemble/fix? Do I have to drill out the rivets that hold it together?
2/ the blue headlight switch fell off revealing a white button underneath(which still works). Can I replace the blue cover or does the whole switch get replaced?
thx much
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#2, the blue switch can be replaced at a cost of around $12 if I remember correctly. That white switch will most likely come out if left as is. That entire switch block is a liability on the newer machines. It looks and function nice but is not reliable. Make do or hope for better with new parts.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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