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Hello. Newbie to the forum here.

I bought this 2002 Polaris XC600SP a few weeks ago. When I test drove it, it ripped. I at least thought it did. I took it out on the trails for the first time today and it just doesn't seem to hit top end, or even close to what I think it should. I was struggling to hit 50-60 mph on a hard packed trail. What's the top end of this sled? Everything I've read I'm hearing close to 100 or better. Now, I can't remember how fast it went off hand when I first bought it but when I drove it I didn't feel like that was an issue.

I will say this though, last weekend when I was just putzing in the field I thought I smelled something burning. I thought maybe the brakes were stuck but the brake lock wasn't on. I'm far from a snowmobile gear head so I'm not sure where to start with this. I just can't imagine it shouldn't go fast that what it does.

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