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2002 Skidoo Summit - Possible Cracks in Right Ski

Copy of recall letter:

Date: November 8, 2001

Dear Ski-Doo Summit 500 Fan, Summit 700 R, Summit 800 orSummit 800 R Owner,

This Safety Alert/Recall/Campaign is being conducted incooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,Washington, DC in the U.S., and with Transport Canada inCanada, who will monitor its effectiveness.

What is the reason for this notice?

Bombardier Motor Corporation of America in the U.S. andBombardier Inc., Recreational Products in Canada (collectively"Bombardier") are conducting a voluntary safetyrecall of certain 2002 Ski-Doo Summit 500 Fan, Summit 700R, Summit 800 and Summit 800 R snowmobiles.

What is the problem?

It is possible that some of the involved units may havebeen assembled with a right side ski, from our supplier,using a mold identified as DSO14 H/G3. All right side skiswith DSO14 H/G3 mold identification must be replaced. Acrack may appear on the ski bottom, in the center portionof the ski on the runner side. This condition could causethe ski to break which may lead to a loss of control ofthe vehicle posing a serious injury or death hazard.

What should you do?

Call an authorized Bombardier dealer and make an appointmentto have your Summit 500 Fan, Summit 700 R, Summit 800 orSummit 800 R right side ski inspected and, if necessary,replaced. This work will be performed at no charge to you.

What to do if you feel this notice is an error?

This notice was mailed to you according to the most currentinformation we have available. If you no longer own thisvehicle or some information in this notice is incorrect,please contact Bombardier at your earliest convenience.

If you have questions.

If you have questions about this notice, or need assistancewith contacting a Bombardier authorized Ski-Doo dealer,please call 1 (715) 848-4957 (USA) or 1 (819) 566-3366 (Canada).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thankyou for your immediate attention to this matter.



Some of the involved vehicles may have been assembled witha right side ski using a mold identified as DSO14 H/G3.All right side skis with DSO14 H/G3 as the mold identificationmust be replaced.

/forum/recallimages/doo2.gifDueto a lack in the sintering process, acrack may appear onthe right side ski bottom, in the center portion of theski on the runner side. This condition can cause the skito break under normal operating conditions.

NOTE: Left side skis showing DSO14 G/G3 as the mold identificationnumber are not defective and must not be replaced.

Right side skis showing the following mold identi-ficationnumbers (DSO14 H/G3 —), (DSO14 H/G2) and (DSO14 H/G1)are not defective and must not be replaced.


Inspect mold identification number on right side ski ofall involved vehicles and replace all right side skis withDSO14 H/G3 mold identification num-ber
(not to be mistaken with DSO14 H/G3—). When replacinga ski replace also its bridge.


1 - RH side ski, PN# 505 070 739
1 - Ski bridge, PN# 505 070 745
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