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2003 arctic cat firecat pics & specs

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You can see pics & specs of the sleds at:
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Kudo's Schiltzamania, for the basic stats on these sleds!!
Your a good man my friend , excellant job
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I wish they had the cross-link suspension like the 440 sno-pro's.
I have a 02 SnoPro with a Black Magic built 715cc 155HP motor.  Since this is close to the F7 I thought some people might be interested in some input.I was able to get some more seat time this weekend on trails and 2 tracks. It rides a bit different than the std. ZR, you have to ajust your riding position forward somewhat, but not as radically as the SkiDoo REvX. The nice thing is when you hit those long smooth straights you can sit back and relax also. I found myself riding up near or on the tank in the twisty stuff, but with the narrow tunnel it's easy to do. It would be easier if I were a bit smaller, Im 6'-1" 200lbs, but it just takes some adjusting to get it right. The cross-Link is working awesome even with the "race" settings, I've had lots of different setups over the years (M-10's and most other stock) and over the rough stuff this works awesome. Part of that may be due to the fact that you ride farther forward. The front end is still too hard for the little washboard stuff but as soon as I get some dual rate springs it should be great. I see that's what they show on the Firecats. I'm wondering if they are putting on the CrossLink or a standardized version. The sled is decievingly fast, I was riding with some good riders and they were slowing down over some rutted out sections were I actually accelerated and was having fun, of course the power helps there also. Unfortunatelly the new digital/analog speedo only worked for about 5 min. so I can't really tell how fast I'm hitting everything. The dual gage tach works great, it's a cool idea and they are supposed to fix the speedo sometime soon.
Just trying to give a heads up for anyone interested in the chassis for next season.
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I dont know why they would call that the hottest thing on snow.  Theres nothing really diffrent about this thing.
I think that they are implying "hot" as in "fire"cat.  Just my thinking.
I dont understand why they are going with the 13" track when it wasnt working for them in Sno-X Many of us were blaming the losses on the new engine design and the longer narrow track. I dont know if that is the problem or not. I do like this new firecat but its questionable this early.

What do you think of the sled not having the TSL in the rear Skid?  How does this new skid maintain track tension?  Is it as good as the 121 with the TSL.   I like to run my tracks really loose, and only the sleds with the TSL do not ratchet.  I had a 97 EXT that did not have the TSL and would ratchet way too much if you did not have the track pretty snug.


I'm not sure why they didn't use the TSL maybe to simplify? The new setup seems to work similarly, it has a few inches of sag to begin with so. Also it's not the usual race setup that would jar your teeth lose on a trail. I run my track pretty lose myself and haven't had it ratched yet. The drive wheels are larger which may help, the two rear wheels on the skid are also larger to decrease the track angles. I'll have to go take a good look at it.
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