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2003 Mxz 800 Ho Or Not Ho?

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I bought an MXZ 800 and it was advertised as the engine being H.O., but I don't see HO on any of the stickers, so I'm wondering if I got ripped off, or if it's really an HO engine?

Anyone have any idea if all 2003 MXZ 800's have HO engines?
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Sorry to tell you but the 04's was the 1st year for the 800H.O. You can get the specs on the SKI DOO web site.
Is it a 2003.5 blair morgain REV? I am not sure but think they were Ho's.

I tried to find the specs on the 03.5 Blair Morgan sled but they don't list them on the SKIDOO site. In the pitchures it doesn't show H.O. on it. I know SKIDOO always put H.O. on it when it is.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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