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2004 600ho Mxzx Xps-ii & 2003 Mxz 380

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Looking to upgrade sleds so in order to do that I need to get rid of what I have now.

First is a 2003 MXZ 380 old zx chassis with RER, black, 890miles, perfect condition with no scratches, cracks or bends. Track has no broken lugs, and carbides are still in good shape. Has original belt on it with new spare belt in holder. Price is $2000 or best offer.

Second is a 2004 MXZX 600HO blue yellow XPS sled that is a rev, with rer, 2900 miles good shape, no cracks in plastic or bends. Has yellow/blue skis, a-arm protectors, tunnel bag, yellow snow flap. The track could possibly be replaced because of some broken lugs. Price is $4400 or for $4800 i'll put a new track on it.

Located 30 minutes south of Albany, NY.


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New Prices.....

$4200 for the rev as it sits, or $4600 with new track.....

$1800 for the 380.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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