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1) Arctic Cat 2004
It's a 600cc well maintained 144 chain
We have been using it 2 a 3 times every Winter and looks like it's time to sell.
Great conditions.

The price for this machine is only $2,900. I great buy for a luck one.

2) Arctick Cat 2003
It's a 600cc well maintained 136
We have been using it 2 a 3 times every Winter and looks like it's time to sell.
another great conditions machine.

The price for this machine is only $2,500. I great buy for a luck one.

3) It's a nice Featherlite flat trailer, snowmobile ready but can be used for ATV or motorcycles.
8.5 X 12 1996 or 1997 year
It has a spare tire, two snowmobile attachment bars and a very good front protection.
You can load from the back and unload from the front.

I'm asking $1300 but open for reasonable offers. Only the ramps worth almost it.

The sleds both are fuel injected. There is no immediately need for repair in any, but for the 2003 machine I bought and will give with the machine the piston kit for rebuilding the pistons. It probably would need it for this season if I had ridden it and this is why I bought the kit. You can ride it and it's not an issue, but as preventive measure I bought the kit, I thought would be good to have the kit on hand just in case it happens middle season then nobody would have the kit for sell/delivery.

Other the that piston kit, there are no extras with the machines. One has a cover, the other does not

The trailer doesn't need anything. It's ready to go.

Mileage: 2004 has about 2,300. The 2003 has about 3,800

The tracks on both are pretty good shape, no 'missing' parts :)

The 2004 once landed on a rock but damage wasn't much at all. It landed on top of a small but rotunded rock that went through the right front board. The damage is what you see there on the picture: the welded right board. Not engine, suspension or tracks were affected.

There were no dent's on the tunnels last time I turn it over. I don't do that very often, but would be no reason for that.

There are no cracks on the hoods, windshields or bellypans.

Keep in mind that they are light used machines, and I service it after ridding every year but the last. I live in Southern California, so I only use it when the wife and I go to South Dakota, normally 2 to 4 times each Winter.

I never had any problem with those machines. They are actually very exceptional, since I normally fly from home to my buddie place and normally the machines fire up right after couple pulls.
I rode deep snow with those machines. Anything extreme, since I still consider my self and my wife 'rookies', and most of the time we were following the tracks of my friend and his wife.

Both machines are registered on my name and the title is clean.

You can see more pictures here:

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will try to answer you.


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