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2004 Xc 700 Wanting To Buy But Crashed

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So for sale i ofund a 2004 xc 700 with only 900 miles on it for $800. From what i know it will need a new or used of any of these

Left trailing arm
Tie rods
Belly pan

Selling my dads 93 indy 440 for this maybe
Sound like a deal/ worth fixing
I can fix it so you dont have to count labor
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there is not suck thing as a 2004 XCR 700, there is an xc 700 and a prox 700 and even a classis 700 but no XCR 700
sorry its a xc
My experience with deals like this, and I've done a few (including cars and bikes), has not been real good. Generally whoever is selling it bought it with the same idea you have - fix it cheap to keep or sell. A lot of times they come from dealers only insurance auctions. When the dealer gets it home, he discovers hidden damage he didn't see at the auction and realizes it's going to cost too much to fix it - or - the market drops (like spring arrives). He then will try to sell it 'as is' at a profit. I've seen more and more guys doing this (selling insurance wrecks for profit to unsuspecting home mechanics).

When buying this machine, I would look the tunnel and bulkhead over very carefully. If you find damage in either place, just walk away. Make sure proper paperwork is avaialble. Make absolutely sure there are no small expensive parts missing (like the carbs, shocks, or CDI box). Do not, under any circumstances, give anybody a penny until you've been allowed plenty of time to look over the machine for yourself. Do not purchase it after seeing only pictures....... FWIW
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... the belly pan alone is expensive, the entire front end has to be disassembled to replace it (I think you're talking about the belly pan, and not the skid plate that covers the bellypan).
there is not suck thing as a 2004 XCR 700, there is an xc 700 and a prox 700 and even a classis 700 but no XCR 700[/b]

where does it say xcr???
where does it say xcr???[/b]
he had it labeled as an XCR 700 and then changed it
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