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2005 Rs Venture

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Anybody have problems with slide rails on there venture. They suggested more idler wheels becouse the track keeps sticking. When traveling with a group the polaris, skidoo etc doesnt have a problem just the venture . Any comment
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Yamaha has had alot of issue with slider wear on ther 05 and 06, alot of guys are putting the larger Kimpex idler wheels on and open all the track windows.. it has seemed to do the trick...My 07 Venture has all the windows on the track open, the windows are larger and there are some extra wheels in there..I have not noticed any slider wear yet..I have 1200 miles on so far...
Keep in mind, in order to switch to the Kimpex idler wheels (135mm), the bearings are 3mm wider than stock. Therefore some machining of the wheel supports is necessary.

My advice to you is to do this mod, as last year I went through 3 sets of sliders in 2500km. After I modded my suspension to the larger wheels, I have 1300km on my sliders and about 1-2mm of wear.

The bearings on the Kimpex wheels are also serviceable, unlike Yamaha's.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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