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Hey there,

I'm very new to snowmobiling, I currently own a 2005 Ski Doo MXZ 600 SDI with 23,000 KM on it. Engine was rebuilt, about 1,500 km ago.

The other night, after about 45 minutes of riding, I went to accelerate hard and I noticed the sled made a strange noise and the headlight dimmed but then came back up. The sled seemed to bog a bit after. I pulled over, gave it a minute to rest and it seemed fine. When I went to go start it back up again, it idled for about a minute then shut off. Same thing when I would go to put it in reverse, or from reverse back to forward.

Let it rest for a couple minutes, then it fired right back up and everything seemed fine. Went to accelerate hard after riding for a bit, and it took off like it usually would. Haven't experienced it again, but i'm afraid to ride it long distances or for a long time in case that was signs of a big issue to come.

Any thoughts?
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