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2006 F7 Sno Pro Vs. 2006 Zr 900 Sno Pro

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I am a pretty experienced rider, i mainly do trail riding but i like to jump and hit up the hills. I have a Sabercat 700 EXT but im looking for something more aggressive with a better suspension. I was wondering what the pros and cons of ZR 900 and F7 are. Thanks
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buddy just picked up an 06 f7 sno pro and he is in love,,, he is coming off a 94 zrt 600,,, worlds of difference for him. It will handle your trails as well as you jumps and bumps,,,, not sure but what about an 06 crossfire 700,,, same power, longer track for any off trail adventures, and the longer track will also help you soak up the studder bumps better,,, the zr 900 is the old zr,,, corners like its on rails, lot of power, should have more top end than the f7,,, but the f7 will hang with the 900 longer than most would give it credit for,,,,
just my 02 cents,,, good luck with whatever you decide,,,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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