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2008 600 Dragon Or Rr

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Hey guys time for me to upgrade from my 03, what do you guys think, i liek to ride ditches and i like to be out front, i m not so sure on the fuel injected idea, and not so sure about the RR with the 9 Gallon gas tank everyone i ride with runs 11.7 gallon tankis and we normally gotta run them down pretty low to get to a gas station, but let me know what you guys think is going to be the strong sled and why and the advantages if you think... Thanx
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... Not sure what sled to recommend. I'm all for fuel injected though, for the most part it's for emissions, but my 9 gets better mileage than my brother's 500 carburated :D

Seems Polaris big hp engines are now on larger/longer sleds. So the fuel economy might not be where I'm used to it being anyway. So if you like being up front... perhaps you're not that concerned about fuel economy anyway. All I know is no carbs = less trouble. With this in mind, I'll be converting my '74 Ford with original 351CI engine to fuel injected down the road... be it an engine kit or an entirely new engine, I don't care.

Ya can't knock a Fuel Injected until you've at least tried one. The RR appears to have optional tach? Speedometer? It's simply a racer sled with no options on it, just made as light as possible (hence the smaller gas tank). I don't think you'd get far on it, but you'd be up front like you wanted.
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I think if you have to ask the question, the Dragon is probably the better choice. The RR is a tad expensive, and seems like it's made to be modded, which may be what you're into, but personally I like to buy them and ride them, never mind all the wrenching.
The Dragon will kepp up with pretty much anything in the ditches. It's already a primo ditch-banger, and you'll say a ton of cash. I'm with you on the 9 gallon tank. That seems like asking for trouble, and if you're ditch-banging hard, you'll be getting like 60 miles to a tank. Not nearly enough.

Either of them are nice though, and you'll be happy with the change from your 03.
if your onto riding hard and i mean hard. the RR is what your looking for I've got one and Im in total love with it. I swear it is un brakeable. yea the 9 gallon tank is not huge but youd be getting the same mileage as the other sleds just not the same distance. but if your more like a trail rider who might just hit a few bumps and jumps once and a while than the dragon would be a better high mile sled.

basically the RR is a free ride sled and the dragon is a trail sled for wonabee ditch bangers.
the thing wtih a dragon to the rr is the total handling. the rr is a tippy sled, not for trail use. its the same with the proxr though. the rr is going to be stiffer and is lighter. and yes as people said it made to mod, but if you want a modd IQ 440, so many people has bought a use race sled and put in 660 kits for less then the new rr costs. it really buyoff of what you want to so. one more thing, the WE shocks on it take a little more love and care, they need to be rebuilt more often, thats just how they are. im doing al my own rebuilds now because they need to be rebuilt more and it saves me money and time. the dragon is going to just to all around an easier sled. if you really want the rr is just say get a use 06 or 07 660 mod. how hard to you ride? what kind of sled do you ride with? how much to do like standing up. the rr is pretty much a stand only sled, the seat just help you recover from big jumps.
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well with my 600 i screwed around with the carbs and jets and gears, i ride with anyhting from aritic cat f5-f7 snow pros, ski-doo 600s- mach z 1000s, polaris, xcr 700, edge x 800, prox 2 700, and how hard i ride we ride the ditches i got mine right to the grip the whole time not letting off until we get to the gas station, which is normally around 100 miles, we run cross country to whereever we are going wide open, everytime i ride my sled i ave it in the shop getting fixed that night so i can go the next day i have not rode a sled yet that has stood up, i rode one of my friends 2006 snow pro f7 and i buckled te suspension twice in 10 miles cost me $1000 each time i rode it. not worth the 20 miles i rode. dont mind standing up im running a 6 1/4" handle bar risers with the artic cat f series bars made a big differance. I liek to tinker but that rr wont have enough gas to make it as far as i ride, and idk if that dragon is going to stand up for the way i ride?
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The Dragon suspension is quite beefy. 3350 miles on my, and other then bending an A-Arm by hitting a rock it has stood up well. I've got a small bit of play in the lower rear shock mount, and that's it. One place on an arm arm with paint fleck from stress. Not bad at all considering how I ride. Will it stand up as well as an RR? I don't know, maybe not. Is it made to pound on? Absolutely.
the rr will take more of a beating but the dragon will be able to go longer without gas. new as for the shock hole this can happen. you can over weld plates on the mounts to strengthen them up, akracing show you how on there site. id say youd like the dragon better for what you are doing but if you cant to get really aggressive and start hitting huge stuff go rr
haha i m already hitting huge stuff hitting haybales this winter was just the starting aha 60 mph hitting them then we had to go find some bigger drifts someother places haha.. but hey Can a person get walker evan shocks on the dragon?
I've got Walker Evans on my 07. I haven't sized up the offerings for 08 close enough to know how the new shocks compare.
you can udgrade from the ryde fx to the walker evan on the new dragon it only like 200 bucks or something not to bad. the ryde fx are good shcoks to but the alker can take more of a beating
thats the walker evans nitrogen shock or the supid air shocks?
im sure you can get the needle shocks with clickers
yes that is what i want none of that crappy air ####, i dont even really want the efi haha let alone have 2 things i dont want haha i would rather jsut have one.. haha do you know if there is a computer that the public can buy to hook the sled up to, to see what is wrong with it instead of taking it to a deal if so where do i get one?
you can get a boondocks EFI controller and adjust everything as you ride. this is also great for mods if you add one. the boonodkcer is about 400 bucks but if you start moding and playing with fuel air mixture its nice. the wire right in and you can adjust on the go
yes that is what i want none of that crappy air ####, i dont even really want the efi haha let alone have 2 things i dont want haha i would rather jsut have one.. haha do you know if there is a computer that the public can buy to hook the sled up to, to see what is wrong with it instead of taking it to a deal if so where do i get one?[/b]

Why would you not want EFI? Better gas milage, more power, smother running, and you never have to rejet for weather. The year we rode in temps from -10 to 50 F and it ran the same in either temperature, never had a single rich or lean bog. And wouldnt in nearly any temp you ever ride. Oh yeah, dont forget that if you ever go up in elevation, you never have to rejet. And the fact that EFI's take to modifications much better, you normally wont have to rejet after mods, because the computer will compensate.

There is not one single drawback to EFI that I can see, and carbs just plain suck.

Trust me man, you will be so happy that you have and EFI sled once you get one.
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