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2008 Cats

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Snuck a few pics out. Not great quality, but you can see colors etc...

2008 SnoCheck Crossfire. SnowCheck sleds are all black, black suspension, etc... and are SnoPro Packaged. The Crossfire, M series, F Series, and Jag all have the black out treatment for the snow check


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Love the all blacked out 1000. Thanks.
where is the pretty pink one??
Only pink was the Z120, but they will have a pink sno pro package with slight pink graphics
that all black crossfire looks sweet.
Wow...That Blacked out XF sure reminds me of my old Nightfire. Where can I get the information for that sled ?. Is it like the Limited Editions ?. Out of the 2008 Brochure, I only see that Orange comes in Sno-Pro's, but Black comes in Standard.

Can someone here clarify, Please ?.


AB :)
The all black sleds are going to be the Spring Order Sno Check sleds. They get the all black treatent and Sno Pro package with Floats
did they lose weight

any less plastic on some models aka the SnoPros
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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