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I got a chance to demo some of the 2009 cats last weekend and can say it was a positive experience

So lets start with the bad and work our way to the good and so forth. Cats fit and finish (which has been a big topic) over the last few years leaves much to be desired... When your spending 12k on a new sled you dont want to see so much in the way of plastic and cheap clips. Weight is a factor by many means and I think that this has something to do with it as well. so rising costs and a crappy market have been the defeat of cats former superbness

Ok for the good. There is no more comfortable ride then the CAT. I have ridden the apex, and the fusion and the HO and im still going to tell everyone that CAT has by far the most comfortable seat on the market and the chassis is second to none. I rode the new Turbo, the F8 sno pro, and the f1000. I will say for a 1000 motor I was not impressed with the track to snow performance that I have had in the past with most of the big cats. the F* snopro did rank hi on my list as that was one nice sled.

The Turbo is an animal... this thing is going to be the death of the snow gods... anything that awesome will usually end up causing snow to stop falling. This thing does need some tweaking. (mind you i rode a prototype so I am sure there will be some adjustments) but overall the ride, the throttle response and the ergonomics made for a bitc*in ride. I want one and most likely will be ordering one before april 15. What im not impressed with is the color packages. the limited orange/black scheme is nice but that is the only one I like... this thing needs to be green... I am assuming cat is using that as a second year option to revive this bad boy when it loses the new luster. So green I would like to see and some tweaking but overall she is one sweet ride. I think your going to see alot of these sold... the downside is the 12k price tag, but go ride one and 12g's will seem like nothing.
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