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#[email protected]% $%23 weather

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[email protected]#$$ $#%@ $#^^^%# $%#$ $%#% #$%$#% ##%%$


#[email protected]#% #$% #$%%&&*%^ ^%&^* *&^(*%
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Too bad money cant buy snow.We could take up a collection and get some.
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hey rat dont know where your nest is but they are callin for snow next week in sw MI but its lake effect so we could get dumped on or just a just a dusting cant tell with lake effect until you know what way the wind is blowin
It was 54 Degrees for a High where I live today.  Suppose to finally get snow this week, with much cooler temps.  I just hope Northern Wis. gets dumped on.  If they do, I'll be a happy camper.
Yeah, 45 today!
 Not sunny though so not much of our 4 inches left.  That's better than losing it all!  Temps are supposed to return to 20's for a while now!
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Supposed to get near 60f here tomorrow and then I saw only a high of 15f for tueday. What the F##K is that $h#t?
We are getting more snow today and tomorrow..i love snow but this is getting a bit much. We have 5-6 foot snowbanks on both sides of the driveway and across the front lawn..send my a big truck and ill set u guys up..steve
hey rottie ever here of rubbing salt into a wound LOL
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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