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399 tnt

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I am trying to find a rebuildable 399 TNT ski-doo
as this is the first sled I rode. I would like to restore
one so I could show my kids what we used to ride in the
old days!! ;)
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You might try clecking out or placing an ad on all the vintage classified sites.  I haven't seen any recently for sale but that doesn't mean that I could of miss one.  Are you looking for a 69 or 70?
It doesn't really matter Tnts, However I do believe
that the 70 had a 18 inch track and was a little faster
in the snow than the 69. ;)
just wondering whats the diffrence in the tnt and the nordic i have a70 nordic 399 w/18" track good runnning little sled is the tnt alot diffrent
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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