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I am running a 3 pack dynoport silencer on my 98 XCR 600 and have been real happy with the weight loss and the great sound.
I have a chance to buy a DG 3 pack silencer dirt cheap. The owner said it's lighter than the dynoport but says its REALLY loud.
I'm getting confusing and contradicting information of this silencer from everybody.
Some people tell me its a cheap knock-off of the dynoport and it louder due to less packing. Others tell me its less restictive and has more snap than dynoport. Some people tell me dynoport 3 pack is a rip-off of DG design.
Some people tell me DG is way louder and sounds like a tin can, others say the sound levels are similar. Some people say I'm going to have to re-jet again because the DG will make me run leaner in the mid-range, Others say I'm going to be fatter on top.

Can anybody please clear up this garbled crap and give me some facts.

PLEASE - I don't want to get into a huge debate on being an AHole for running louder than stock pipes. I read the posts in the "general snowmobiling" section and am almost afraid to post such a topic. I run my sled with respect for others. Just looking for some input.

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