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570 Fans

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Are these engines being sold and ridden to any great extent?

How are they holding up?

How many miles or hours on the engines?
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Mine is a 2007 with only 200 miles on it and very pleased at this point. Not real thrilled with the flex shaft starter though. When really cold the starter slips causing you to have to bump start it.
I will however, get a liguid cooled with EFI later this year and may consider a 4-stroke liquid cooled as well.
Not real thrilled with the flex shaft starter though. When really cold the starter slips causing you to have to bump start it.[/b]
Do you mean pull start it?

The 570's are not bad, but, until 05, they still had the classic Cat piston problem. Retainer pin fails, ring turns, hooks port, ruins cylinder. The coated pistons on the 05's were supposed to fix the problem, but I haven't known anyone who's bought a newer one, so I can't say for sure if it's worked or not.

Other then that, the nice thing about them is they are nice and light. 570 Mountain Cat is really good in the snow, and totally flickable. Not great on gas, and not overly powerful, but fun to ride in the powder.
Avoid them other then the 07s like the plauge. Our dealership has 2 out and have had engine problems with both. The 570 mtn cat we sold is on its 3rd crank the connecting rods let loose. We were told by an engineer that the reason they detuned the 07s was cause of the crank not holding up not EPA specs. They used to have extra 570 engines at special services not anymore this is why is my guess as they are still sitting on alot of 340 and 440s.
On mine the flex shaft starter does not work properly. It is fine once the engine is warm but trying to start it when it is below 10 degrees, have fun. There is not an issue with the engine starting but keeping the starter shaft gear engaged into the flywheel to start the engine. It keeps kicking out therefore just spinning. Once the engine has been started it seems to work fine for the day. I talked with two Arctic Cat dealers and they both, confirmed that the flex shaft starter has always been an issue and I need to learn to live with it. How's that for an attitude. I live in Florida and even down here starting the engine is tricky. I refuse to resort to pulling the cord to start it since I did pay for the electric start system. I have a two-year warranty and will deal with Arctic Cat later this year. Had I known the Arctic Cat had this problem I would have gone with a Polaris but, I guess they have their own little issues. I love Arctic Cat's manuel reverse drive system where you pull a lever to engage reverse as opposed to Polaris's electric reverse system and have experienced issues where it would not go into reverse or worse yet, would not come out of reverse once engaged.
I'm sure all snowmobiles have issues but I certainly love the bright orange machince I have and would have purchased a larger unit had they offered it in orange.
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A/C has had issues with their electric start since at least the early 90's, and the standard response has always been, "it's a normal problem, use the pull start". That's really the only solution available to you.
Maybe they should re-imburse the cost of the electric start option if it doesn't work properly
Reimbursement sounds good and since it appears as if it is an issue and they want you to pull-start it, perhaps I should look into a different make machine.
I went out on a limb this year and got a cat. I've had Ski-Doo and Yamaha machines in the past (fan cooled models) and both were very reliable and "glitch free" never causing unexpected breakdowns. I hope this one turns out to be the same.
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