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580 9 Tower Setup?

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i'm switching my clutch from a six tower to a 9 tower (3 triangle version from a 1997). Just wondering what the best setup for this clutch is (arm weight and spring color). i would like engagement to be around 4800. motor is a 1996 580
any recomendations??

i blew up the old six tower, and all the parts from the 9 tower are all worn out. so i am starting from scratch for this clutch.

thanks in advance
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nobody in here has ever set up a 9 tower for a 580???
Try the stock weights and spring for the 95 EXT. Get that info from the online microfische at Browns's Liesure World. I used the stock pieces for the 94's when I put a 9 tower primary on my sled. It works fine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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