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600 efi temp light on

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I'm totally new to this sport and just bought a 2002 zr 600 efi and a 2002 zl 600 efi esr. Went up to Parry Sound on Fri nite and ran fine on main trail doing approx 50mph for 1/2 hr. When i got on a side trail and had to stay between 10 and 30mph my temp lite on the zr came on every 5 minutes or so after stopping and letting it cool down. My son was on the zl and after stopping with me and restarting his temp lite came on everytime until he rode about 200 feet. My dealer checked them over and said that this is normal due to hi temperature outside (32 f) and said that if the trails were hardpacked I needed to get into some loose snow to cool it down. Is anyone else having this problem and is this normal? Any comments would be appreciated.
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Yes you do need to find some loose snow to get them to cool down cause otherwise the heat exchangers aren't getting cooled down.  On the otherhand I don't think they should have overheated that easy.  I've been running in warmer than 32 degrees with minimal snow this year just to ride and never had any trouble.  Was this the first time you have ran your new sleds.  I wonder if there could be an air pocket in the system that would do that?
zr500: This was my second time out. No problem the first time and it was much colder outside. I just turned over 100 miles on both sleds.
Then thats not what it is.  Any air in the lines would have gone through by now I would think.  I have no other ideas right now.
Was sledding last weekend with 4 other guys - 2000 Tcat1000, 2002 ZL800, 2001 ZL500, Yamaha Viper, and Polaris 700 in warm temps (around 35 degrees ).  The only one to have the temp. light come on was the 2002 ZL800.  Not sure, but I think maybe the new sleds just have more sensitive heat lights to better warn riders of a potential problem.  Once he got off into the fluffy snow, the sled cooled down.
Was also riding the second day with my 2001 ZL500, a 2000 ZL600 and a 2000 Panther 440 air cooled and it was warmer (about 40 degrees).  No temp. lights on those sleds either.
Just heard from my dealer and apparently 8 02's 600 & 800's had the same problem at another dealer. They've referred the problem to Cat and waiting for a reply.
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