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72 Polaris Colt Clutch

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Hey guys,
I've got a clutch question on a 72 Polaris Colt. I guess I was too much in a hurry to get the motor back in but I pulled the clutch cover off and cleaned it out really good. I went to put it back together and there's no X on the cover like there is on the newer Polaris clutches. I see now from the manual that you're supposed to draw a line, but it's too late for that. I could not find a X anywhere on the cover but did find the one on the spider. I don't want to hurt my 35 year old crank bearings by running an unbalanced clutch but does anybody have any ideas? If anybody happens to have one apart, the cover where there is only one Polaris logo, where is the Polaris logo relative to the X on the spider?
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I figured it out. I was looking at another clutch cover that I found and the X is on the inside of the cover on the other one. Turns out when it got balanced the X got drilled out by the balancing hole from the factory. :rolleyes:
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