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Picked this baby up last winter. Engine is mint run well, sounds great, few issues. Biggest one I can't figure out...
While hauling a few ice fishing sleds and guys my sled stopped moving forward. All day it was fine to the end. It had very little forward movement. Unloaded all the weight and still piss poor. After that day I never loaded it up the same and it was ok. Im guessing clutch, I haven't pulled them apart to clean and inspect and lubricate.

1 other thing is she idles piss poor in very cold weather, even after warming up, just sitting idle to warm up is tough aswell. The exterior coil needs to be replaced and it look like the inside is melting out the top, any suggestions?

These are the 2 biggest "should I keep her or move on" issues. Without these she's sticking around.
Explain to me like I'm 5 haha

P.s. I am roaming the vintage clutch search function. So far possibly just needs a clean and lubrication, possibly new clutch as it looks original, still has orange cover on clutch.
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