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Hi, 2 days ago I purchased an 88 formula MX. It has the 462 for a motor. We have a fresh coat of snow and I have been having a ball with it. I know the motor has been recently rebuilt, and also the entire rear end was pulled out and all new bogies and bearings along with a new track have been installed. The track still has the little nubbys a new tire has on it. Tomorrow is going to be another full day of blasting around.

I have a few maintenance questions however:

1. I have heard about the how the track needs to be aligned properly. Today, I did notice that at the very rear of my sled, the track seems to be about 1/4-1/2 closer on one side of the tunnel than the other. Is this very important? will that little bit make a big difference in anything? I did notice at high speeds the right ski felt like it was coming up, thought maybe that had something to with it maybe??

2. I noticed the driven clutch (secondary I think it's called), that is connected to the drive train has some play on the shaft it is on. I am assuming this is normal so it can expand to change the "gearing" as I go faster. I can grab it and physically slide it back and forth on the shaft it is on. It has some washers floating on the shaft between the bolt on the end and the clutch, I can hear them "tinging" when the motor is running. The bolt is tight however.

3. Where are all the zerk fittings located? I can see 2 on the front suspension under the hood, but I havent really gone on an in depth search for all of them.

4. What is the best online source for parts?

5. Are there any common issues with this sled that I should watch out for and pay attention too?

Now I know some of you are going to tell me to get a manual, and I am getting a clymers ASAP. these are just some questions I have in the time being. This is the first sled I have ever owned, but have driven quite a few of the newer sleds. (Cats, doos and yammys.)

I am happy with this purchase I made, I paid $350 for it, and it is in great shape. I rode it for about 3 hours today, through some powder and hard pack. There are alot of trails near me as well as large open fields. I'll tell ya, I grab a handfull of the throttle and this thing hauls @$$. Won't do the 100+ of the newer ones I have ridden, but this things is fun on the trails. Plenty fast for me! I bought it to help cure my winter blues, I have a new (to me) harley 1200 custom, and with winter in full force here in mass, I am not going to be taking it out anytime soon.

Thanks to all who can bear with me and answer some of my questions!
Sorry for the long 1st post.

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