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90 phazer rpm's?

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i have a 90 phazer, can anybody tell me what kind of rpm this should turn with the all stock components? yesterday on #### near perfect trails, i was only able to turn a little over 6500 rpm, which was about 75 mph. my buddys told me she should be turning more than that,second question is, without buying a whole new comet clutch to replace my factory one, how can i obtain the higher rpm's, can a guy buy parts for these factory clutches?
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Well, my phazer turns about 8500 rpms @ 95 mph, although it is not the stock clutch...

I had my '86 on the lake yesterday, and it did the exact same.
DG makes a pipe that will make the phazer go 8500 @ 95mph.  I'm getting one for mine.  It's supposed to be a 12-14 hp boost, which is pretty dang good for such a small engine.
I wonder what it would do with the pipe AND Steven Hohman's clutch setup...
   Since your sled is a 90 it may just need some clutch minor clutch work. I would have it rebuilt. As for the RPMs your secondary spring might be worn. This would make it soft and allow the primary to pull the belt deeper into the secondary which in turn would cause the belt to climb faster in the primary, causing it to over shift and bog the machine down. The only catch is I don't know what you should be turning. 7500 could be right on the money for all I know. My cousin had an 86. He tightened the secondary spring beyond the stock setting and man did that thing have some snap, but i couldn't tell you where he set it. I think he said he moved it one hole tighter. I think he also lost some top speed but I could be wrong.
One other thing, the DG pipes are not good in my opinion. To me the Phazer is a fun machine because it has that little low end snap, especially if you clutch it right. The pipes take a lot from the low-end. In fact it feels like they take everything from the low end. It gives you more top end but you won't really notice it other than if you look at the speedo and the sled isn't going to have much top end no matter what you do. Although the one I rode may not have been clutched right with the pipes (but they claimed it was).
The pipe adds a whole bunch  more horsepower.....I had the clutch tweaked so it provides just enough low-end power that it will hook up REAL nice, from 15 mph to 60 is absolutely fabulous, and since I have a 1" Camoplast Challenger track on it, it just seems like a winning combo  
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The first thing that everyone should know is that the 1986-1993 Phazers carburetor's midrange was very lean!  And if you don't correct this problem, Putting on an after market pipe is motor suicide.  It is not a matter of will it, but when will it!!!!!!!   The most economical way is to place Dial-a-Jets on the carbs.  It will fix the midrange condition, and extend the life of your Phazer.
The pipe in question requires 145 jets, rather than the stock 143s, I believe.  Wouldn't this take care of the 'midrange lean' problem?
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