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91 Indy 650 Same Suspension As 94 Indy Trail?

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The last Polaris I owned was a 91 Indy 650. I am looking to buy a 94 Indy Trail for my kids. Can anyone tell me if these two sleds have the same rear suspension? I found my 91 was a bit harsh, and I hope they did an upgrade for 94.

Any help appreciated.
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94 is the same as the 91 both an xc 100 skid with a standard front susepsion. 8 inches rear travel 7 in front
Here's a good link for those types of questions.

Hit the "specifications" button and select the year, then the model. It's come in handy many a time. The pictures and specs are usually fairly accurate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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