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Hi guy's
Have a 91 RXL that is seizing pto cylinder repeatedly. It ran flawlessly for 12 year without issue. Was super strong. One day girlfriend was riding along and it just quit then came back on two cylinders. Checked it out and pto piston holed in center.
Took it home, disassembled engine, honed cylinder, checked clearances, installed new pistons, gaskets, and seals. Changed fuel filter and fuel. Run sled about 5 mile and lost same piston but this time looked like combination cold seizure and lean.
Again disassembled engine. Had cylinder relined, new piston, checked crank for phasing, new seals and gaskets, pressure and vacuum tested engine. Engine sealed tighter than frogs butt. Checked ignition timing, oil injection ports, changed fuel lines, tested fuel pressure, and pressure drop tested injectors. Everything tested better than perfect.
Started and let warm up to 100 and went about 1/2 mile and knew it sounded wrong. By time I got home pto piston gone again with same scuff pattern.
Took motor apart again but winter ended and girlfriend bought new sled.
This all happened in winter 03/04. Haven't touched since but machine was showroom condition so I put it into storage meticulously. This spring I saw everything sitting in locker and thought it was time to tackle again.
In 2004 there wasn't a whole lot of resources online yet, and no other RXLs in my area to ask if there were any know issues or weird happenings with these sleds. Even dealers were no help with EFI system even with their crude factory scanner.
This is the only sled in my fleet that doesn't run better than new, yet it still looks like factory show demo. It's also the only sled that has beat me so far in diagnosing or fixing an issue. I hate to see her sitting there when she could be out howling like a junkyard dog.
Any ideas, past experiences, or forgotten knowledge about what might be ailing her and what I'm missing?
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