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Hey guys, I'm new to the site and have just gotten back into snowmobiling after having a few kids. Here is my situation: I bought a very clean 1993 Phazer II with 3500 miles for $600. We don't get much snow in Chicagoland so this is basicly a clean beater that I will get out a few times a year. All looks good on the sled but here are the issues/questions:

First-As I went to change out the plugs I found that the right plug threads has some hole mark from the top of the threads to about 1/2 way down the threads. I have not done a pressure test yet but there is a blow-by mark on the foam under the hood. The mark looks like you took a 1/8" round file to the one side of the threads(on a angle). Not quite sure what this is. The new plug seemed to seal OK and the sled runs good around the yard(grass only at this time)???? Any thoughts?? Could this be caused by predetination?? Would'nt the piston go before the hard steel head from predet. or excessive pressure?

Second-The sled seems to pull pretty good but does seem to smoke alot at idle and under acceleration. Definetly, to much smoke. It of course is oil injected so could this just need an adjustment?? How do I check the oil mixture % ? Old gas?? Possibly related to question #1???

Third-When you get in the throttle, there is a rather loud clunking sound as the clutch engages??? Is this just an adjustment? How do I check and adjust??

And last, I got about 150 pick from a buddys old track(broke prematurelly on a big CC motor). What is the best pattern, max picks and and what is the max length that I can put on the 93 phazer II without rubbing under the tunnel?

Thanks guys for all the info that you can provide. This sled is extreamly clean and almost looks new(It's Red). Hopefully there is no major problems with these issues.
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